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Moulded cellulose, also known as moulded fibre, is a packaging material made from recycled paper and card. It is commonly used for packaging eggs, but is also being used in other industries for its protective qualities.

exceptional technical characteristics

Optimal protection

Moulded fibre effectively absorbs and reduces the effects of shock and vibration to provide excellent protection for the products it encloses during transport or storage. It is also resistant to temperature fluctuations.

Breathable qualities

The specific formulation and millions of micropores in moulded fibre ensure that your food is properly aerated and cooled, as well as providing complete waterproofing for medical products. For example, this material can help to protect fruit by absorbing any excess moisture that may be produced by sudden temperature changes.

Flexibility and ergonomics

Moulded fibre is highly versatile and suitable for a wide range of applications. It is also pleasing to the touch and easy to handle, which makes it popular with users.

Personalised packaging

Moulded fibre materials can be created in various shapes and colors to meet market demands, and can even be customised with branding. Working with OMNI-PAC GROUP, you can personalise your moulded fibre products to make them stand out on store shelves and increase their appeal to customers.

let's work together to preserve the planet

Moulded fibre packaging addresses economic, environmental, and sanitary concerns and offers numerous benefits for the agriculture and food industry, distributors of disposable food packaging, and medical centers. These industries are always seeking more reliable and eco-friendly packaging options. In addition to meeting industry standards, moulded fibre is part of a fully sustainable approach that aligns with consumers' growing awareness of their ecological responsibilities. This material is an excellent alternative to plastic.



The fibre used in moulded cellulose comes from a natural, renewable material and meets consumer expectations for eco-friendliness and sustainable development.


Moulded cellulose products are completely recyclable, allowing their fibres to be reused in new production. The recycling rate for these products is currently over 70% in Europe, much higher than that of other materials. Our goal for 2030 is to increase this rate to 85% in order to encourage a virtuous cycle of waste repurposing.


If not recycled, moulded fibre products can still be disposed of in an eco-friendly manner thanks to their biodegradability. They decompose completely without harming the environment, unlike some of their competitors. Moulded fibre products can also be used in compost.

Moulded fibre products embody the same values as organic products, including a commitment to preserving and respecting nature and a focus on producing high-quality products.