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Eco-responsible packaging solutions

Omni-Pac Group develops complementary ranges to meet the expectations of its customers and end consumers. All of our trays and punnet are eco-responsible solutions, FSC certified, recyclable, compostable and suited for contact with food. Listen to the market and opt for the best ecological packaging solution compared with traditional materials.

Biopack: the perfect combination for preserving food and the environment

In order to complete the eco-responsible packaging solution offer, we have worked in partnership to develop a biofilm to wrap our trays and punnets.  This combination of environmentally friendly materials is called Biopack and is available for flowpack and sealing. In keeping with the characteristics of moulded cellulose trays and for optimal preservation of fruits and vegetables, our biofilm is recyclable, compostable and breathable. Omni-Pac Group and its two partners were awarded 2 packaging Oscars in 2018 in the following categories: “Transformation of emerging materials” and “Environment & CSR”.

Personalised communication

Our solutions are available in several colours (white, black, natural grey for example). The colour of the bottom of the tray makes it possible to optimise the appeal of the contents by using contrast and highlighting the freshness of fruits and vegetables. To take visibility and differentiation even further, you can also print your identity directly onto the trays (depending on the model you select). The skill and expertise of our graphic department is available to help guide you in the creation of your print or labelling files. Pitch your products in line with your image!

Select here the solution that best meets your needs or download the brochure here


Solutions: Foodtainer

  • Versatile design
  • Choice of colours
  • Various shapes


Solutions: Frutil, CargoTray ® , ComPackTray ®

  • Specific design
  • Enhanced display of fruits & vegetables thanks to optimised packing material
  • Various shapes and choice of colours         


Solutions: MP, Berigard

  • Solution suited to fragile fruit & vegetables
  • 4-sided printing possible on the Berigard solution
  • Various shapes and choice of colours

If you would like to find out more about our solutions, we are available to advise you on the best alternative for promoting your products. Contact us!

fresh (meat / fish / cheese)

Moulded cellulose is an ecological alternative that is also suited to fresh products such as meat, fish and cheese. We provide solutions in different formats to ensure that your products are optimally displayed to the end customer. Note that the FreshTrays are used with an absorbent pad that we also deliver. Made with virgin fibres in order to guarantee their suitability for contact with moist and greasy foodstuffs, these trays are FSC certified and are also recyclable and compostable.

If you would like to find out more about our solutions, we are available to advise you on the best alternative for promoting your products. Contact us!


In 2018 Omni-Pac Group developed a biofilm in order to extend its range of trays and provide a complete packaging solution that is totally eco-responsible. Our observation was: why do we continue to wrap something as short-lived as food in plastic that is both resistant and polluting? We therefore decided to collaborate with a bioplastics specialist and a green solutions consultant to offer a biofilm with the same characteristics as our moulded cellulose trays: recyclable, compostable, breathable and biosourced.