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Moulded cellulose, or moulded fibre, is a packaging material that is primarily made from recycled paper and card. Often used for packaging eggs, its application is now extending to include other areas of activity where it is appreciated for its protective properties.

exceptional technical characteristics

Optimal protection

Moulded fibre absorbs and reduces the impact of shocks and vibrations to guarantee excellent protection of the product it is covering : during transport or storage.  Moulded cellulose is also insensitive to temperature variations.

Breathable qualities

Depending on the exact formulation and thanks to the millions of micropores present in the material, moulded cellulose ensures that your foodstuffs are aerated and cooled to perfection, as well as complete water tightness of products for medical applications. This characteristic enables it to guarantee for example optimal protection of fruit by absorbing the humidity that is created in the event of a sudden temperature change.

Flexibility and ergonomics

Recognised for its flexibility, moulded fibre is perfectly suited to almost all types of solutions. Pleasant to touch and easy to handle, this material is much appreciated by users.

Personalised packaging

Moulded fibre materials can be produced in many different shapes and colours to satisfy the requirements of the market, with the possibility of communicating directly on the product.
This personalisation, made with Omni-Pac Group, provides immediate differentiation on the shelves and this ensures attractiveness to your products.

let's work together to preserve the planet

Moulded fibre packaging meet economic, environmental and sanitary needs and provide many advantages for the agri-food industry, distributors of disposable food packaging and medical centres. They are always looking for more reliable and environmentally-friendly packaging. In addition to fulfilling the industry requirements, moulded fibre is part of a 100% sustainable approach that is in line with consumers’ increasing awareness of their responsibility in terms of ecology. This material is an excellent alternative to plastic in particular.



The fibre comes from a natural and renewable material. It fulfils consumer expectations in terms of ecology and sustainable development.


Cellulose products are 100% recyclable and so their fibres can be reused for new production. The actual recycling rate is over 70% in Europe, which is considerably more than that of other materials. The objective for 2030 is to reach 85% in order to promote the virtuous circle and waste repurposing.


If they are not recycled, moulded fibre solutions benefit from their biodegradability and entirely decompose without damaging the planet, in contrast to their competitors. They can also be used in the compost.

Moulded fibre shares the same values as organic products: preservation of and respect for nature and life in general, quality product.